Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Autonomous or ‘driverless’ vehicles are rapidly becoming a reality, and have the potential to greatly improve mobility by offering safer, more efficient and more inclusive means of transport. The sensors and software that comprise the situational awareness and autonomous decision making system, represent the most challenging elements within these new vehicles.
Fusion’s expertise and experience in automotive sensor fusion system design enables us to provide highly capable situational awareness systems; combined with an efficient, but powerful path planning and high level control system, to ensure that the vehicle runs efficiently and safely in all conditions.


stereocamCAVStar® – Situational Awareness and Control System for Autonomous Vehicles

Fusion’s CAVstar®
system comprises modular sensing and processor units that can be tailored to individual vehicle and operating requirements. CAVstar® uses complementary sensor technologies including radar and cameras, combined with high-performance processing units that run Fusion’s proprietary algorithms. This enables the CAVstar® system to provide an all-round situational awareness capability and vehicle control function, that can operate effectively in the most challenging conditions. See CAVstar® driving an autonomous pod vehicle here . For more information on CAVstar® products please contact us.


CAVstar® is deployed on the following vehicle projects:


insigth printINSIGHT – Driverless Shuttle

Fusion provide the sensing and control system for the INSIGHT autonomous pod. This vehicle is designed for ‘last mile’ connections, and is suitable for deployment in many scenarios where people need to move efficiently between key areas, including airports, city centres, business parks, leisure parks and major sporting venues. These lightweight, electric, zero emission vehicles can find their way safely between defined stations selected by the passengers, and can each comfortably accommodate four people, and provide easy access for those using wheelchairs or buggies. More information on the INSIGHT pod, can be found at


venturer-wildcat-car-feb-2015-6-chris-bahn-538x320Venturer – Driverless Car

Fusion is providing the Situational Awareness System for the Venturer Wildcat driverless car. The Venturer vehicle is fully autonomous and designed for both on-road and off-road use. It serves as a platform for technology development; and for studies concerning public acceptance of driverless vehicles. Venturer has successfully completed its initial trials and will be undergoing further testing and trials in forthcoming months. More information can be found at