The pods perform an autonomous overtake manoeuvre

The GATEway Project was the UK’s largest autonomous vehicle trial that saw 1,500 members of the public use a hop-on, hop-off service of four last-mile pods operating along a 5km route in Greenwich, UK. The last-mile pods utilised our CAVstar system to seamlessly operate the service along a mixed-use footpath, autonomously negotiating pedestrians, dogs, cyclists and other vehicles. The system successfully operated 5 days a week for two months in winter conditions, continuing service in heavy rain, fog and even  heavy snow thanks to the CAVstar system. The project enabled the demonstration of the suitability of the CAVstar system to operate last-mile pods effectively, including:

  • Highest levels of safety – operating safely amidst pedestrians cyclists and dogs
  • Operation in all weather – snow, heavy rain, bright sun, low sun and fog
  • Safe passing manoeuvres – pods were able to pass other vehicles safely as required
  • Obstacle avoidance – pods demonstrated being able to adapt its path to avoid dynamic obstacles
  • Fleet management – the system utilised Fusion’s fleet management system to coordinate the operation of the 4 vehicle service.

Watch the GATEway pods being trialled:

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