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March 26 2015: Bristol to upgrade more buses with CycleEye

March 23 2015: Bristol to upgrade more buses with CycleEye
PRESS RELEASE 20150323 – World first with CycleEye bus technology

February 20 2015: Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Watches CycleEye Demonstration
Danny Alexander watched a demonstration of CycleEye today and said he was ‘seriously impressed’ with the system. He also added that all buses should be fitted with the system.

January 29 2015: Deputy Prime Minister visits Engine Shed and is impressed by CycleEyeJim_nickclegg

December 10th 2014: Fusion’s Collision Avoidance Tech – Article in Bristol Post
Fusion – Driverless Cars – Bristol Post article

December 3rd 2014: Fusion Processing’s world leading collision avoidance technology is selected for UK government backed Driver-less cars programme
Press Release
BBC Article

November 24 2014: Article on CycleEye in Vision Zero International.

November 4 2014: Fusion Showcase CycleEye Technology at Eurobus ExpoFirst Bristol Launch

August 1 2014: Transport for London announce the New Bus Sensor Technology Trial, featuring CycleEye® units on TfL routes 25 and 73

July 29th 2014: Construction Manager takes a look at CycleEye.

July 28th 2014: Article on highlighting CycleEye.

June 25th 2014: CycleEye discussed in parliament by Secretary of State for Transport

June 3rd 2014: Bristol spearheads the use of cycle safety technologyFirst Bristol Launch BBC
SW business
Bristol Post”

April 14 2014: Serco confirm multi vehicle trial of CycleEye® units, commencing May 2014, this follows similar announcements from First Group and from Wessex Bus Group

Vince Cable News Post

April 5 2014: Business Secretary Vince Cable visits Fusion Processing office in Bristol and praises CycleEye® project:

January 31 2014: Bristol bus drivers will test CycleEye:

December 14 2013: CycleEye features on BBC Click:

December 2013: CycleEye features on the BBC: New tech helps drivers avoid bikes by using audio alert

July 2013: CycleEye system successfully demonstrated to independent evaluators during a three day trial in London.

February 2013: Fusion Processing complete initial algorithm testing successfully: Field trials of our system in the Bristol area have demonstrated the ability to detect and alert drivers to cyclists undertaking or overtaking their vehicle. The system was able to differentiate between cyclists and other objects such as cars and background clutter e.g bollards, lampposts and other street furniture. This represents a major step forwards in the development of CycleEye.


The techieguy article on CycleEye:

HGV blindspot video:  This demonstrates the limitations of wing-mirrors. Note that none of the cyclists can be seen in the wing-mirror.

HGV Re-design?:

SatNav alerting drivers to cyclist hotspot: