CycleEye® is enabled by world-class radar and camera imaging expertise:

Our engineering team has a background in high performance radar and imaging techniques, with direct experience in their implementation in power efficient, highly effective systems.

Product Page CE with HandsAll Weather, Day and Night Detection: CycleEye™ employs radar and camera sensors, fusing the data together with state of the art and proprietary technique

 Active Detection: CycleEye™ is unique. The detection algorithms enable a cycle to be detected against a background of road clutter such as lampposts, railings and other vehicles.s to provide all weather, day and night detection.

Faster Response from Busy Drivers and Fewer False Alerts: Competitor systems available today provide camera views of blind-spots around the vehicle, and rely on the driver to scan the monitor. Typically they do not differentiate between detected objects, so will cause many false alerts, increasing the burden on an already busy driver.


CycleEye™ only alerts the driver when a cycle has been actively detected, for example by announcing “Cyclist Left” and highlighting the cyclists position relative to the vehicle.

This not only reduces false alerts, but reduces the cognitive load on a busy driver, enabling a faster response in potentially critical situations, in turn providing a more effective detector.

CycleEye® will help make cycling safer in the city:

The introduction of CycleEye™ will reduce the danger when cyclists and commercial vehicles share busy urban roads, making cities safer and helping city authorities plan increased use of cycling in their cities.

Interested? – - what do do next:

Preproduction CycleEye® units are in service today; production units will be available later in 2014.  Contact the CycleEye® team to arrange to view CycleEye® in action and discuss the introduction of CycleEye® to your vehicle fleet or your city.