CycleEye® – cyclist detection and driver alert system for trucks and buses

cyclistsCycling safety is a growing concern worldwide as increasing numbers of cyclists share busy city streets with buses and trucks. Bus and truck drivers can find themselves in cognitive overload as they manoeuvre their vehicle through congested city streets, with cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles around them.  This can result in collisions. In 2014 there were over 5000 collisions in London alone, with 13 cyclists killed and 419 seriously injured (source: Transport for London). City authorities recognise that concerns over safety prevent more people from cycling.


cycleeye_p4CycleEye® is a collision avoidance system for trucks and buses that detects cyclists alongside the vehicle and alerts drivers to their presence. CycleEye® ensures drivers know when a cyclist is alongside their vehicle, thereby removing the potential for collisions where cyclists and commercial vehicles share busy urban streets. The introduction of CycleEye® will make cities safer and help authorities enable increased use of cycling in their cities.


CycleEye® Technology:

CycleEye® combines radar and low light camera sensors, fusing the data together using Fusion Processing’s advanced, proprietary algorithms. The CycleEye® system ensures that cyclists are detected in all weathers, day and night, even in the most challenging, poor visibility conditions. The advanced algorithms result in a reliable system that can distinguish cyclist against a cluttered background of street furniture and other vehicles. CycleEye® only alerts the driver as necessary, and false alerts are avoided

CycleEye_r70_2Faster Response from Busy Drivers and Fewer False Alerts:

Competitor systems provide camera views of blind-spots around the vehicle, and rely on the driver to take their eyes off the road to scan a monitor. Typically, they do not differentiate between detected objects, so cause many false alerts. This increases the burden on an already busy driver. CycleEye® only alerts the driver when a cycle has been actively detected, by announcing “Cyclist Left” or “Cyclist right” for example.

This not only reduces false alerts, but reduces the cognitive load on a busy driver – enabling a faster response in potentially critical situations, in turn providing a more effective detector.

June 5 Product Page fit in 1 hrA practical solution:

CycleEye® systems have been in continual use on buses in cities since 2014 and have been shown to be an effective, robust solution.  CycleEye® comes packaged in a sleek IP67 weatherproof case, and can be fitted to vehicles in under 1 hour.

For vehicle fleet operators wishing to improve safety and city authorities wishing to encourage cycling in their city, CycleEye® represents a cost-effective solution. Contact us to arrange to see CycleEye® in action and discuss the introduction of CycleEye® to your vehicle fleet.

CycleEye® Saves Lives