TrafficTrak®: The Ultimate Detector/Monitor Solution for Effective Traffic Management


TrafficTrakTrafficTrak® is a traffic monitoring system that allows a single roadside unit to monitor traffic on multi-lane roads and junctions. It detects and tracks vehicles to provide flow rate, count and classification data. From this it can provide incident detection and stopped vehicle detection to assist in reducing congestion and improving safety.

Using advanced radar technology and Fusion’s unique processing solution, TrafficTrak® provides accurate, effective monitoring from the roadside, with minimal installation and maintenance costs.


motorway_busyStopped Vehicle Detection

With more motorways moving towards all-lane running operation, it is essential that an effective safety system is in place to detect when a vehicle stops in a running lane. This is a very hazardous scenario, and the safety requirements are such that the lane must be closed within 2 minutes of the vehicle breakdown. This requires a reliable, autonomous detection system – TrafficTrak® can provide this function more reliably than human monitoring.


Cost Effective Loop Replacement

Motorwaty Traffic V2 March 28Traffic flow monitoring is commonly implemented using inductive loops embedded in the road surface, signals from which are detected and processed in a roadside outstation. This is a tried and tested solution, but the maintenance costs can be very high due to loop failures, incurring lane closures and/or replacement costs after resurfacing. Additionally, loops are usually disabled during roadworks, but TrafficTrak® can be left functional, providing essential flow monitoring services during the disruption.

TrafficTrak® can interface with the outstations, removing the need for the inductive loops and all of the associated maintenance costs; or it can interface directly to in-stations via wireless or existing cable networks, eliminating the need for expensive roadside processing.


motorbike_detect_setupMotorcyclist Safety

mbikeThe UK is experiencing an increase in recreational motorbike use, with more bikers travelling to scenic roads.  In Wales, 2014: 28 bikers were killed; 254 seriously injured; and 467 injured requiring treatment (source: Welsh Government).  These collisions often occur when cars pull out from a side road into the path of an oncoming motorbike.

TrafficTrak® can be deployed to detect approaching motorcyclists, and alert drivers via an active sign. Drivers actively looking for motorcyclist are more likely to see them, so collisions are avoided.


Cyclist Detection

trafficTrak3TrafficTrak can be deployed in cyclist detection mode, which may be desirable for three reasons:

  • Safety at junctions: Drivers can be alerted to the presence of cyclists alongside their vehicle via an active sign.
  • Improved signalling: At some traffic signal controlled junctions, cyclists are on a separate signalling phase. Signalling can be optimised by accurate detection of cyclists.
  • Cyclist flow counting: TrafficTrak® can be a cost effective means of gathering accurate flow data for cyclists.


Solar Powered, Wire Free Operation

Use of Fusion’s proprietary low power radar solution means that TrafficTrak® can be solar powered, and is able to communicate its data wirelessly via mobile networks. Deployment of TrafficTrak® on ‘greenfield’ sites with no existing infrastructure, is therefore a highly cost effective solution, enabling more effective traffic management across the wider network.

TrafficTrak®: The Ultimate Solution for Effective Traffic Management

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