In the development of AV technology we have seen great opportunities for technology transfer to manually driven vehicles.

This technology will set new standards of bus safety to protect vulnerable road users, and what’s more, it can be fitted to everyday buses of all sizes, today.

Born from a desire to make buses in busy environments safer, these key technology innovations will save lives and reduce accidents from the outset.

CycleEye CycleEye CMS Forward Collision Avoidance / AEB
An advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) for trucks and buses that alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists alongside their vehicles.
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An evolution of the CycleEye system sees the wing mirrors replaced with HD cameras and a live feed to screens in the cockpit, whilst retaining the collision avoidance capability of the original CycleEye.
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An innovative pedestrian detection system that identifies vulnerable road users in front of the vehicle and inhibits the engine.
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