TrafficTrak SVD
TrafficTrak Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD) is a reliable, autonomous detection system
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TrafficTrak® – Stopped Vehicle Detection

Increasing numbers of motorways are being converted into ‘smart’ motorways, with all lanes in operation and no ‘hard shoulders’. It’s essential that there are effective systems to detect when a vehicle stops in a running lane as this is extremely hazardous – in the UK, smart motorway safety requirements state that the lane must be closed within two minutes of a breakdown.

TrafficTrak Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD) is a reliable, autonomous detection system that can provide detection of stopped vehicles on Smart Motorways, faster and more reliably than other systems or human monitoring. It uses advanced radar technology and our unique processing solution to provide accurate, effective monitoring with minimal installation and maintenance costs.

The reliable detection of stopped vehicles will prevent collisions and save lives. Fusion Processing’s TrafficTrak SVD system uses radar to detect stationary traffic in any of the lanes and sends an alert, complete with location and (optionally) live images, direct to the control centre. The low cost, easy to install equipment can be put in place and commissioned in hours. The system scans all the carriageways continuously, 24 hours a day. Unlike optical systems, it is unaffected by the dark or foul weather.


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