Traffic monitoring and management system
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TrafficTrak® – Traffic monitoring and management system

Fusion’s TrafficTrak is a traffic monitoring system that detects and tracks vehicles across multiple lanes to provide flow rate, vehicle count and classification data – all from individual roadside units that are easy to install and maintain. Its ability to detect incidents and stationary vehicles helps reduce congestion and improve road safety, especially on smart motorways and highways.

TrafficTrak can also be used to increase traffic flow in smart cities and improve the safety of cyclists and motorcyclists.

Solar-powered, wire-free, cost-effective monitoring

Traffic flow monitoring is commonly implemented using inductive loops embedded in the road surface, with signals detected and processed in a roadside outstation. Such systems can be expensive to maintain when loops fail, requiring lane closures and resurfacing.

TrafficTrak uses a low-powered radar solution to monitor multiple lanes from a single roadside unit, removing the need for loop systems. Units can be solar powered and can either be used with outstations or interface directly to installations via wireless or existing cable networks, removing the need for expensive roadside processing units.

In addition, loops are usually disabled during roadworks, rendering loop-based monitoring systems unusable. TrafficTrak’s design means it can carry on providing essential flow monitoring during such disruption.

Reducing congestion in smart cities

Smart cities benefit from better traffic management and reduced pollution. One requirement to achieve this is better traffic light sequencing.

This can be done by embedding induction loops in the road, but TrafficTrak provides a solution that is cheaper and faster to set up. Our roadside units can gather more detailed data, accurately tracking and classifying vehicles, and easily interfacing with traffic flow systems.

Improving cycling safety

TrafficTrak has been successfully deployed to alert drivers to approaching cyclists in hazardous scenarios such as where slip road joins a main carriageway forcing motorists to cross the path of cyclists. By detecting cyclists and warning drivers of their approach via an active sign, collisions are avoided.

Boosting motorcyclist safety

Recreational motorbike use in increasing in the UK, with more motorcyclists travelling along scenic roads. However, motorcyclists remain more likely than car drivers to be killed or injured. Often the cause is collisions when cars pull out from side roads into the path of an oncoming motorbike.

TrafficTrak has been successfully deployed to detect approaching motorcyclists and alert drivers via an active sign. Drivers actively looking for motorcyclists are more likely to see them and avoid them, which reduces collisions.

Detecting cyclists – safety and signalling

TrafficTrak units can be deployed specifically to detect cyclists. This can be used for safety, signalling and monitoring:

  • Safety at junctions – Drivers can be alerted to the presence of cyclists alongside their vehicle via an active sign.
  • Improved signalling – At some junctions controlled by traffic signals, cyclists are on a separate signalling phase, which can be optimised by using TrafficTrak to accurately detect cyclists.
  • Flow counting – TrafficTrak can be used to gather flow data for cyclists extremely cost-effectively.

See TrafficTrak supporting motorcyclists’ safety

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