CAVstar® – Autonomous vehicle sensing and control system

CAVstar control system

Our CAVstar® range of products form the ‘brains’ of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Fusion Processing’s situational awareness technology combined with high level control algorithms can be fitted to almost any land vehicle enabling them to operate partly or fully autonomously on any terrain.

The briefcase-sized CAVstar® units are available now. Many are already in service in a number of CAV projects, ranging from Renault Twizys, to pods and the UK’s first full sized autonomous bus. Find out more

CycleEye® – Advanced driver-assistance systems

CycleEye unit

Cycling safety in cities is a global concern. Fusion Processing’s CycleEye® product is a cyclist detection system that can be retrofitted to large vehicles to alert the drivers to the presence of cyclists alongside them, thereby ensuring collisions are avoided.

Fusion Processing’s innovative technology ensures CycleEye® reliably alerts the driver with an audible alert. CycleEye® can distinguish between cyclists and other objects, including pedestrians and other vehicles, providing protection day and night, even in the most challenging of poor visibility conditions.

CycleEye® offers vehicle operators and city authorities a cost-effective means of reducing road traffic collisions and enhancing cyclist safety. Find out more.

TrafficTrak® – Smart Cities

Today’s Smart Cities need accurate traffic flow information to enable smart traffic light sequencing and manage congestion. Current traffic monitoring methodology involves embedding induction loops in the road which are costly to install, maintain and are limited in the data they gather.

Fusion Processing’s TrafficTrak® uses radar in easy to install roadside units, that can accurately track and classify vehicles.

TrafficTrak® can be deployed for:

  • Flow monitoring
  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Cyclist and motorcyclist detection for safety and improved signalling
  • Complex junction monitoring

Find out more