• Fusion processing are experts in Intelligent Sensing and Situational Awareness Technology

    Our technology enables major advances in :

    Smart Cities, Smart Highways and Smart Vehicles

  • Smart Cities:

    Our product CycleEye® is a vehicle mounted smart sensor system that makes cycling in cities safer

  • Smart Highways:

    Our product TrafficTrak® is a roadside sensor that reduces collisions at junctions and improves traffic flow monitoring

  • Smart Vehicles:

    Our CAVstar range of products provide the smart sensing and control for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s)

Welcome to Fusion Processing:

Products for Smart Cities, Smart Highways and Smart Vehicles


pod_millenium_squareCAVstar® – Autonomous vehicle sensing and control system

CAVstar® is our product range of sensing and control systems for the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle market.

CAVstar® uses our situational awareness technology combined with high level control algorithms to enable vehicles to be partially or fully autonomous

CAVstar® units are available now, and already installed in a number of CAV projects. See CAVstar® driving an autonomous pod vehicle here .

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– Collision Avoidance

Cycling safety in cities is a global concern.

CycleEye® is a cyclist detection system that alerts drivers of large vehicles to the presence of cyclists alongside the vehicle, thereby ensuring collisions are avoided.
Fusion Processing’s unique technology, ensures that CycleEye® reliably alerts drivers as necessary, but can distinguish between cyclists and other objects, providing day and night protection even in the most challenging, poor visibility conditions.

CycleEye® offers vehicle operators and city authorities a cost-effective means to avoid collisions and enhance safety. Read more…


TrafficTrak2TrafficTrak® – Traffic Sensing

Today’s SMART HIGHWAYS need accurate traffic flow information, but current methods such as embedding induction loops in the road are costly to maintain.
TrafficTrak® uses radar in easy to install roadside units, that can accurately track and classify vehicles.

TrafficTrak® may be deployed for

  • Flow monitoring.
  • Stopped vehicle detection.
  • Cyclist and motorcyclist detection for safety and improved signal phasing.
  • Complex junction monitoring.

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