• Introducing CycleEye™”

    The Active Day and Night Cycle Detection System for HGV’s and Buses

  • Our Mission: To make cities safer for cyclists

    The number of cycle journeys is increasing due to rising fuel costs, recognition of health benefits, and cycle hire schemes.

  • Our Unique Technology:

    Enables CycleEye™” to identify cyclists and ignore other objects such as cars, railings and lampposts - eliminating the false alarms that plague competitor systems.

  • Our Knowledge:

    Of vehicle systems means CycleEye™” represents a practical solution that will win support from drivers and vehicle operators.

  • An Opportunity:

    To reduce cycling casualties. Across the globe, city authorities are seeking an effective solution to reduce the dangers wherever cyclists share busy urban roads with HGVs and buses.

Welcome to Fusion Processing

Products that enable safer and smarter cities

Safer Cities: Introducing CycleEye®

The CycleEye™ system has been developed to address the growing need for an intelligent system that can alert busy bus and HGV drivers to the presence of cyclists alongside the vehicle that would otherwise be difficult to spot.
Fusion Processing’s unique technology allows CycleEye™ to actively identify a cyclist in this danger zone and provide an alert to the driver. CycleEye™ will ignore other objects such as bollards, railings or cars, thereby eliminating false alarms.

CycleEye®, the first active, all weather, day and night cycle detector system offers city authorities and vehicle operators a solution to enable safer cycling in cities.

April 13 CycleEye UnitApril 13 CycleEye Bus Application

Smarter Cities: Introducing TrafficTrak™

TrafficTrak™ will bring Fusion know how to city traffic management. Lighter and smarter than alternative systems, TrafficTrak™ will become part of the Smart City Toolkit for city authorities.
The product is designed to allow one unit to scan and track multiple lanes of traffic. Suitable for application in multilane situations such as motorways as well as busy city junctions.
Further details will be announced shortly.