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Fusion Processing was founded in 2012 to design and build world leading systems for the automations of vehicles and technology to improve vehicle safety.

World leaders in automated driving systems, situational awareness and control systems technology, Fusion Processing’s products have clocked up over 1.8 million kilometres of service.

Innovations include CAVstar® a control and sensor system, CycleEye® CMS, a mirror replacement system for buses and trucks, designed and developed in house at their Bristol, UK headquarters. With numerous vehicles taking part in technology trials and commercial operations today, Fusion are driving road safety and enabling smart city traffic management systems that are set to transform the automotive industry.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the advanced engineering and automotive industries. Fusion includes experts in:

  • Situational awareness
  • Vehicle control, decision making and path planning
  • Advanced radar
  • Machine vision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • High performance computing
  • Automotive systems, including connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Vehicle operations
  • High precision aerospace systems
  • Advanced surveillance and tracking systems
  • Leading-edge processor technology
  • Safety systems

We use our deep theoretical knowledge, coupled with practical know-how and experience, we have been able to create highly advanced products that are both effective and robust. And our carefully-chosen network of supply chain partners ensures our high quality products can be delivered in volume to your required standards, whilst our experience working with large OEMS ensures we can integrate seamlessly with your processes

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Certificate Number 18212
ISO 9001



Fusion Processing continues to develop state-of-the-art technology to autonomise vehicles and improve the safety of vulnerable road users.



ADAS: We apply our autonomous tech and knowhow to regular driven vehicles.

Smart Sensors


Smart cities rely on smooth running highways for the transportation of goods and populations.

Intelligent Sensing And Control Systems For Autonomous Vehicles

The world's leading provider of AV Level 4 technology for autonomous buses

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