Autonomous Ducato Van

Fusion have taken a stock Fiat Ducato vehicle and upgraded it for fully autonomous operation. Fusion engineers have installed the CAVStar® Automated Driving System, comprising control system hardware, sensors, safety driver display, GNSS system and all software. The control hardware and software have all been developed in house at Fusion.  Our engineers have also digitised the vehicle’s steering system, brake system and throttle control to allow the CAVStar system to fully control the vehicle.  The CAVstar system supports autonomy level 4 and 5 driving, but to achieve the required levels of functional safety, the vehicle also required upgrades to braking and steering systems to provide dual redundancy so that in the event of a critical system failure, a backup system can be used. The vehicle is currently being tested on the track, and is expected to be approved for road use in the coming months.