Fusion Processing has developed an automated driving system (ADS) called CAVstar which can integrate with OEM systems or tailored and retrofitted any vehicle to give it AV level 4 or 5 of autonomy. The CAVstar system usually consists of a combination of radar, LIDAR, optical cameras and ultrasonic sensors, which, coupled with Fusion’s proprietary AI and processing technology enable the system to analyse and understand its environment; to anticipate movements of other vehicles and vulnerable road users; to identify its surroundings and plot a safe course, then to generate the necessary inputs to the steering, braking and throttle systems on the vehicle.

CAVstar units have already been used as vehicle control systems in several high-profile autonomous vehicle projects, including large buses, last-mile pods, small robots and off-road vehicles.

Delivering true Level 4 vehicles

Fusion can autonomise any size vehicle

Autonomous or ‘driverless’ vehicles have become a reality. They have the potential to greatly improve mobility by offering safer and more efficient means of transport to a vast number of people.

To implement an effective autonomous drive system requires expertise across many disciplines. Our team is highly experienced in designing automotive sensing and control systems utilising artificial intelligence and robust safety systems to provide safe and efficient situational awareness, path planning, decision making and vehicle control. Together, these ensure vehicles can run effectively and safely in all conditions.

How CAVstar works

CAVstar comprises of sensing and processor units, and a central controller which can be tailored to individual vehicle and operating requirements.

CAVstar can use a range of sensor technologies including radar, LIDAR, ultrasonics and optical cameras. These are combined with high-performance processing units running Fusion’s proprietary algorithms. Together, these enable CAVstar systems to provide 360° situational awareness and vehicle control functions in all weathers and in all scenarios.

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