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The exciting evolution of our CycleEye product
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CycleEye® – Mirror Replacement System

Replacing cumbersome wing mirrors and bringing the very latest Advanced Driver Assistance System to the market, Fusion Processing’s CycleEye CMS® (Camera Mirror System) is the exciting evolution of our successful CycleEye product.

The new unit combines High Definition (HD) cameras covering the Field of View (FOV) of Class 2 and Class 4 mirrors, and an optional Class 5 FOV to provide a live feed from the cameras to displays mounted to the inside of the windshield. An optional radar technology can be added to enhance detection of vulnerable road users (VRU) too.

The system comprises a single camera/radar unit on each side of the bus plus two internal displays for the driver, including Fusion’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Each unit can be fitted at the external mirror location of most buses using the same or similar mounting bolt pattern.

CycleEye CMS uses a combination of radar and optical cameras to actively detect VRUs against a backdrop of other vehicles and roadside clutter.

The CycleEye CMS hardware and software was designed and developed in house by Fusion Processing to achieve the low latency required by EU Regulation #46, to provide the video stream in real-time.

The system issues an audible warning to the driver of cyclists and pedestrians when these VRUs are dangerously close to the vehicle.  This capability is achieved by the inclusion of Fusion’s state-of-the-art VRU detection system within the CycleEye CMS product.

The result is a driver friendly display combining real-time, clear views of both sides of the bus, with audible alerts of VRUs issued to the driver; "cyclist left" or "cyclist right".

The first Transport for London buses equipped with our system will be hitting the streets of the Capital in 2021.

Fusion Processing’s unique CycleEye CMS allows the vehicle to run without wing mirrors proving operators with the following benefits:

  • Eliminate mirror head strikes that can occur when pedestrians are close to buses using conventional external mirrors
  • Eliminate all wing mirror collisions, which are costly and disruptive to operators
  • Improved vision for drivers, especially in poor weather conditions, from the performance of the HD cameras and the elimination of dirt and condensation on external mirrors
  • Reduce aerodynamic drag with result improvement in fuel efficiency
  • Uniquely, Fusion’s CycleEyeCMS will display visual warning of cyclist and pedestrians in dangerous location close to the vehicle – assisting drivers to drive safely in crowded cities



Fusion Processing continues to develop state-of-the-art technology to autonomise vehicles and improve the safety of vulnerable road users.



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