Fusion Processing analyses Covid19 Traffic Flow

  • Advanced TrafficTrak® system delivers over 98% accurate traffic monitoring
  • Data suggests Bristolians are adhering to lockdown rules

Bristol, 27 April 2020: Fusion Processing Ltd utilised their state-of-the-art TrafficTrack system to analyse traffic flows on a key dual carriageway into Bristol during the Covid19 lockdown. On a typical weekday in March 2020 the system would detect, on average, 2260 passing vehicles per day. But during lockdown this has fallen by 82% to an average of 422 per day and, as the graph below shows, this has stayed pretty consistent despite fears the warm weather would entice people out of their homes for non-essential travel.

Analysing traffic flows in and out of urban environments is an essential part of developing Smart Cities, improving traffic management and reducing pollution. One requirement to achieve this is better traffic light sequencing. Not only does the TraffficTrak system enable local authorities to detect, identify and count different vehicle types, the system can log their speeds and locations with a video or still image. With an accuracy of over 98%, TrafficTrak can detect and count pedestrians at 40 metres and cars at 100m thanks to its high resolution integrated optical camera.

The lunchbox sized TrafficTrak uses combines low-powered radar, a low light optical camera, an AI enhanced processor and Fusion’s object detection software to monitor multiple lanes from a single roadside unit, removing the need for loop systems to be fixed into the road surface. Units can be solar powered and can either be used with outstations or interface directly to installations via wireless or existing cable networks, removing the need for expensive roadside processing units.

Jim Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer, Fusion Processing, said; “The Covid19 lockdown is an unprecedented period, so we’re delighted our TrafficTrak system is analysing traffic flows and confirming that people are, in the main, staying home to protect our NHS.”

TrafficTrak has the ability to detect incidents and stationary vehicles, helping to reduce congestion and improve road safety. This has great application on smart motorways and highways where you have Managed Motorways with All Lanes Running (MM-ALR). TrafficTrak offers replacement and complementary outputs to the existing MIDAS system.

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